Rafting Adventure on Lousios River with Begetis Travel

Experience the Thrill of Lousios River Rafting

Tour Details:

Price: Approximately €140 per person.
Duration: Full day, returning in the afternoon.
Group Size: 4 to 7 people for a personalised experience.
Activity Includes Rafting gear, transportation to the start point, guided rafting, and an optional hike.

Join Begetis Travel for an exhilarating rafting adventure on the historic Lousios River, a site steeped in mythology where Zeus, the father of the Olympian gods, is said to have bathed. This full-day excursion is tailored for groups of 4 to 7 people, providing an intimate and thrilling experience navigating the waters where ancient legends come to life.

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Ready to tackle the rapids and explore the natural beauty of the Lousios River? Join Begetis Travel for a day of unforgettable rafting and more. Whether you’re seeking adrenaline-pumping rapids or serene natural sites, this rafting trip offers a perfect blend of adventure and exploration. Contact Begetis Travel to reserve your spot and dive into the excitement of the Lousios River rafting experience.

Your Rafting Day Begins

The adventure kicks off early at 8 AM, ensuring a full day of excitement and exploration. Upon arrival at our base in the quaint village of Maratha, our friendly team will greet you and provide all necessary gear, including neoprene suits and safety equipment. After gearing up, a short bus ride takes you to the starting point where our expert guides will offer an introductory lesson on paddling and safety to prepare you for the journey ahead.

Navigating Lousios and Alfeios Rivers

As you paddle through the Lousios and Alfeios rivers, which hold a 2nd degree of difficulty, you’ll encounter technical rapids that are both challenging and fun. The rafting journey, lasting approximately 4 to 6 hours, includes several stops for swimming in the river’s crystal-clear waters and for taking unforgettable selfies in the lush, vegetated gorge. The journey concludes at the spectacular “Koukos” bridge, from where a hike to a nearby breathtaking waterfall provides a perfect ending to the day’s adventures.

Optional Visit to Iera Moni Timiou Prodromou

For those with energy to spare, an optional trek to the serene Iera Moni Timiou Prodromou, a stunning monastery near Stemnitsas, offers a peaceful retreat to reflect on the day’s thrilling activities. This optional walk is ideal for those looking to immerse themselves further in the region’s spiritual heritage and natural beauty.


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