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Welcome to Begetis Travel & Adventure, your premier destination for exceptional aquatic adventures set against Greece’s beautiful backdrop. We specialize in a range of water activities, offering everything from tranquil kayak tours to exhilarating jet ski rides, all tailored to provide unforgettable experiences. Under the leadership of Vagelis Begetis, we uphold a proud maritime legacy, ensuring each adventure is infused with a commitment to safety and quality. At Begetis Travel & Adventure, we’re dedicated to personalising your experience, whether you’re seeking family-friendly fun or solo exploration. Join us to discover the wonders of the sea, where each activity is designed to suit diverse preferences and skill levels, ensuring your journey is as exciting as the destination.

The Adventurous Spirit of Vagelis Begetis

Journey Beyond the Horizon with Vagelis Begetis

From the picturesque shores of Stoupa in the Mani Peninsula to the farthest reaches of the globe, Vagelis Begetis’s story is one of boundless curiosity and relentless adventure. With a background in Mathematics and a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics, Vagelis has always believed that the true essence of travel lies not in the destination, but in the journey itself.

A Voyage of Discovery

Vagelis’s adventurous spirit first took him across Europe, traveling extensively by buses and trains. But his thirst for adventure soon propelled him further afield. He embarked on an epic overland journey from Stoupa to Tokyo via the northern routes of Asia, a monumental two-month expedition that challenged his endurance and reshaped his perspective on travel. His return journey took him through the southern landscapes of Asia over six months, each day a new chapter in his ongoing quest for knowledge and experience.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Vagelis continued his exploration by traversing the west coast of Africa from Stoupa to Cape Town over four months, returning via the east coast in equal time. His journeys didn’t stop there; Vagelis ventured through the vast terrains of Latin America and even reached Antarctica by ship, expanding his definition of ‘overland’ travel.

In Pursuit of Extremes

Throughout his travels, Vagelis was drawn to geographical extremes. He sought out borderlines and extreme points—the southernmost and westernmost tips of continents. Among his favorite points is Cape Tainaro, the southernmost continental point of Greece, Balkans, and just barely of Europe. It’s a place that captivates him inexplicably, a place he is eager to share with others.

The Birth of Iron Mani

Inspired by his travels on the Iron Train—known as the longest and heaviest in the world—Vagelis conceived the idea for Iron Mani. This activity combines kayaking, cycling, and walking, challenging participants to experience the rugged beauty of Mani through a blend of physical endurance and exploration. Iron Mani is a testament to Vagelis’s philosophy that both the journey and the destination enrich the traveler’s experience, making it unforgettable.

Explore with Vagelis

Join Vagelis Begetis in an exploration that goes beyond ordinary boundaries. Whether paddling the serene waters of the Mediterranean, cycling the rugged landscapes of the Mani Peninsula, or walking historic trails, the adventures crafted by Vagelis are more than activities—they are transformative experiences designed to challenge, delight, and inspire.

Vagelis invites you to explore the hidden treasures of Greece, promising that with each step, paddle, or pedal, you’ll uncover not just the wonders of the world, but also the limitless potential within yourself.


Why Choose Begetis Travel & Adventure


Heritage of Excellence

Choose Begetis Travel & Adventure for an unmatched legacy in water-based adventures, where decades of expertise meet the promise of unforgettable experiences.


Diverse Activities

From serene kayak tours to thrilling jet ski rides, Begetis Travel & Adventure offers a wide array of adventures to cater to every taste and skill level.


Commitment to Safety

With safety as our cornerstone, Begetis Travel & Adventure ensures each adventure is underpinned by rigorous safety protocols and expert guidance for peace of mind


Personalized Experience

At Begetis Travel & Adventure, every guest is treated to a tailored experience, ensuring your aquatic adventures are as unique as they are memorable

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