Electric Bicycle Hire at Begetis Travel: Explore Mani Peninsula with ease - Bikes delivered to your accommodation

Discover the Charm of Mani Peninsula on our Eco-Friendly Electric Bikes

Embark on an unparalleled journey through the breathtaking landscapes of the Mani Peninsula with Begetis Travel & Adventure’s electric bicycle hire. Our 250-watt electric bikes, crafted with precision by a renowned Greek brand from Patra, offer a harmonious blend of local authenticity and Japanese technological excellence, ensuring a ride that’s both enjoyable and eco-friendly.


Join us at Begetis Travel & Adventure to uncover the hidden gems of the Mani Peninsula on two wheels, blending adventure with the serene beauty of Messinia. Whether you’re meandering through quaint villages or along stunning coastal paths, our electric bikes offer a unique, sustainable, and exhilarating way to immerse yourself in the Greek travel experience.

Experience Enhanced Cycling with Three Levels of Electric Assistance

Our electric bikes come equipped with three levels of assistance—Eco, Normal, and High—allowing you to customise your ride according to your preferences and the terrain. Opt for Eco mode to cover up to 180km on a single charge, Normal for 130km, or High when you need that extra boost, offering up to 90km. With speeds reaching up to 25km/h, as per Greek law, you can savour the beauty of Messinia at a pace that suits you.

Safety and Comfort with a Touch of Greek Hospitality

Safety is paramount at Begetis Travel & Adventure. Each bike is fully certified, and we equip our riders with helmets, a requirement under Greek law, and a luminous yellow shirt for high visibility. For those wishing to share the adventure with little ones or furry friends, we offer complimentary extras, including dog trailers, backseats for children, and a compact pet box for the bike’s rear. Handlebar-mounted phone holders, twin storage boxes, and the option to add water bottles for a minimal charge enhance your experience, ensuring you have everything you need for a day’s adventure.

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