Begetis SUP Yoga: Serenity on the Water

Meeting Point Thursday: 19:00 Kalogria Beach

Meeting Point Friday: 09:00 Stoupa Beach (below Stoupa Restaurant)

Meeting Point Friday: 12:00 Oitylo Beach

20 Euro pp
Minimum numbers required - 4 People

Join us for a Begetis SUP Yoga session, where the calming rhythm of the waves and the serene environment of the Mani Peninsula create the perfect setting for a rejuvenating yoga practice. Whether you’re seeking to deepen your yoga journey or simply find a moment of peace on the water, our SUP yoga classes offer an unforgettable experience that harmonizes the spirit of adventure with the practice of wellness.

Find Your Balance with Begetis SUP Yoga at the Mani Peninsula

Embrace tranquility and balance with Begetis SUP Yoga, a unique fusion of stand-up paddleboarding and yoga, set against the stunning backdrop of the Mani Peninsula. Our classes, held at two picturesque points beneath the Stoupa restaurant and along the serene Kalogria Beach, offer a peaceful retreat for the mind, body, and soul. Arranged in the harmonious shape of a flower, with each board pointing inward towards the instructor, our SUP yoga sessions provide an intimate, immersive experience surrounded by nature’s beauty.

A Journey to Inner Peace on the Water

Led by a specialized yoga instructor, Begetis SUP Yoga classes are designed to accommodate practitioners of all levels, from beginners to seasoned yogis. The gentle flow of water beneath adds an element of challenge and excitement to traditional yoga poses, enhancing your practice by engaging core stability and balance in new ways. For those new to stand-up paddleboarding or seeking to refine their skills, we offer the opportunity to practice and receive guidance on a SUP before diving into yoga poses.


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