Epic Ionian Coast Adventure with Begetis Travel

Tour Details:

Departure: 8 AM every Sunday.
Group Size: 7 people for an intimate and engaging experience.
Price: €180 per person.
Duration: Returns late at night around 11 PM.

Activities Include:

Watersports, hiking at Polilimnio, biking at Voidokoilia, lunch in Pylos, sunset horseback riding at Elea.

Uncover the Wonders of the Ionian Coastline

Embark on a day-long journey of discovery with Begetis Travel’s Epic Ionian Coast adventure, meticulously designed for a group of 7 adventurers. Starting at 8 AM in a luxurious van, this tour captures the essence of the Ionian coast’s diverse landscapes and vibrant activities, ensuring an unforgettable experience from dawn till dusk.


A Day of Diverse Activities

Your adventure begins with a morning of watersports in the tranquil waters of Kalamata, where the day starts with gentle waves and the promise of excitement. Next, we head to the enchanting Polilimnio, a hidden gem known for its cascading waterfalls and serene natural pools, offering a perfect spot for relaxation and nature photography.

The journey continues with a thrilling biking experience around Voidokoilia, famous for its perfectly shaped bay and pristine beach. Here, you’ll have the chance to explore the historical castle and dive into the crystalline waters for a refreshing swim. After building up an appetite, enjoy a leisurely lunch in the charming town of Pylos (not included in the tour price).

Sunset, Horses, and Scenic Views

As the day winds down, prepare for a magical evening with a sunset horseback ride along the beach and through the pine forests at Elea. Depending on the weather and wave conditions, you might even take the horses for a swim, adding an extraordinary touch to an already spectacular day.

Professional Partnerships

Throughout the Epic Ionian Coast tour, Begetis Travel collaborates with professional colleagues and local experts, ensuring that each segment of your journey meets the highest standards of safety and quality. Our watersport activities are led by certified instructors, the biking adventure is managed by seasoned professionals, and the memorable horseback riding session is conducted by expert guides familiar with the terrain. These strategic partnerships allow us to offer a seamlessly integrated experience, blending local expertise with our commitment to exceptional service.

Join Us for an Epic Adventure

Book your spot on the Epic Ionian Coast adventure and experience a day filled with exhilarating activities, breathtaking scenery, and lasting memories. With Begetis Travel, every detail is carefully planned to ensure you enjoy the very best of the Ionian Coast. Contact us today to reserve your adventure and explore the Ionian Coast like never before.


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